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Program Statement



Program Statement

Kids Zone Childcare Center combines the nurturing care children need physically and emotionally each day with an educational program that will unlock your child’s potential. We believe that children are capable beings that possess the competence and are rich in potential to learn each and every day through their driven curiosity with the support of adults in a safe and positive environment. Kids Zone Childcare Center is a place where children’s hearts and minds thrive.

Our childcare center is licensed by the Ministry of Education, and in compliance with the Childcare and Early Years Act (CCEYA), the Public Health office, the fire department or a fire alarm test company who conducts regular evaluations and participates in Raising the Bar program. We are an inclusive environment, meaning we acknowledge that all children have individual needs. We attempt to accommodate these needs of any child through collaboration with many community organizations that may provide services that can enhance the function or learning capacity of a child. Our centre is also wheel chair accessible, including the washrooms. Such agencies that may be consulted include, but are not limited to the following, PIRS, Erin Oaks, Community Care Access Centers, Peel Behavioural Centre, Speech and Language Pathologists, School for the Blind.

Our goal is for staff and volunteers to support any child in their quest for knowledge and independence while promoting the four foundations; belonging, well-being, engagement and expression. These foundations are the basis for Ontario’s new Pedagogy for Early Years, How Does Learning Happen (HDLH) which can be read on the website, Our staff and volunteers will provide a positive environment that allows your child to express themselves, explore, play and inquire as well as receive responsive feedback during their play in the class. Through the use of HDLH the teachers will set out a shared understanding of children, families, and educators as a working unit. The teachers will discuss concepts developmentally appropriate to the child at their eye level, the teacher will be present to support a child during social interactions so that learning and development of self-regulation skills and child-initiated play can be refined. As well, teachers will provide families with communication that enhances their understanding of the child’s experience through an end of day daily report form (up to 30mo), verbal discussions (31mo and older), meetings (if requested), and developmental reports in December and June (for all ages).

Our centre will provide 2 healthy snacks per day as well as a well-balanced lunch suitable for the needs of the child. Our lunch is catered by Princess Pea Catering, who has many years of specialized experience providing nutrition for children ages 3mo- 6years. The snack menu as well as daily lunch menu is posted conveniently throughout the centre as well as on-line so that you can see what your child/children are eating each day. We are able to provide individualized menus based on food allergies/requirements. Every child that has an allergy or restriction will be placed on a list that will be accessible to any staff in any space that children may attend. Through the daily application and documentation on a checklist for each classroom of our sanitary practices guidelines we endeavor to

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keep your child safe and healthy, this includes proper handwashing for both teachers and children as well as sanitizing of toys and rooms on a daily basis. Also, through the use of guidelines provided by Public Health and our internal sick policy for children, management and/or the teacher will communicate with the family where there may be any concern. This information may be documented in the daily report or communicated via a telephone call to a parent when necessary.

Our daily programming with your child/children is a balanced approach. The teachers will foster exploration of their environment through the use of child centered ideas. The teachers will observe the children in a class and gather interests and questions from the children. With this information the teacher will provide developmentally appropriate games, songs and/or educational equipment as the teachers explore what the topic can mean to each child. The teachers will support and guide the environment so that the children can learn as they play in areas such as math, science, language, social skills and problem solving. The teachers will embrace creativity in their classroom as the children explore the use of equipment in different ways that may support their learning. The teachers will document the programming each day or week as it changes based on the interests of the children, this information is always posted on the parent board outside of each classroom. Parents are welcome to comment; give feedback or participate in any way they may request. (such as participating in the classroom as a special visitor)

We encourage exploration of their gross motor skills through use of balls, bikes, bowling, climbing and building as they play outside on a daily basis. If there is inclement weather the infants and toddlers will use their indoor space and gross motor equipment to continue to explore their skills, while the preschooler and JK/SK programs can use our indoor gym facilities which would include the use of gross motor equipment to create and explore their bodies capabilities with balance, team work, and building. All ages will have the opportunity to rest or sleep during the day for 1-2 hours, thereby allowing the children the ability to recharge and re-engage in the afternoon. Rest and activities are documented daily for each child from 3 months to 2.5 years and reviewed with the parent at the end of each day. For preschool the teacher will verbally discuss the activities for the day. If there are any concerns this will be documented daily in the communication book in each classroom. Each child will have an individual crib or cot with their name on it, depending on their age. Please see our Safe Sleep and Rest time Policy for Infants from 3mo to 18 months

Our centre care revolves around the needs of the family. We strive to meet the needs of each family. Families are welcome to visit the centre at any time. We provide a monthly newsletter to keep families updated on changes, announcements or new activities in the future, this information is also posted on- line for the child’s class as well as on their bulletin board outside their classroom. Families can also refer to our parent information board outside of the main office for updates and any certifications of the centre in general. We will provide each family with a transition letter that will detail our plan to move a child from one age group to another.

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All families have the ability to engage with the centre in school and community centered programming such as field trips, yearly family BBQ, art show, multi-cultural week, grandparents day, Mother’s and Father’s day activities, a food drive at Thanksgiving, donations for Remembrance Day and donation programs (shoe box program for the under privileged) that engage the families to think about others less fortunate. In order to document and review the impact of our strategies discussed above we encourage and accept family feedback, formally through a customer centered survey each year, and informally through discussions, emails or phone calls with management as offered. After the survey management will review and follow up with recommendations as necessary and then discuss at staff meetings. For staff related to children’s programming we discuss monthly at staff meetings and formulate ideas to improve strategies as necessary.

In order for our educators to continue to provide the best care to your children they will attend a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education each year to support their ongoing learning needs. Also, at monthly staff meetings the centre will provide ongoing feedback and in servicing for the staff to re-enforce and enhance their skills in the class as well as provide a supportive team environment through the offering of staff only ‘field trips’ so that they feel cohesive as a group and can work together in varied environments. During many staff meetings engagement continues in how the program statement continues to be exemplified on a daily basis and we discuss further ideas from staff how we can continue to do this in the future. We also support learning through engagement with many colleges in the area as students spend time learning and practicing in our rooms. As well if we have volunteers or students, we ask that they review our program statement and management will engage in a conversation regarding how all of these areas as identified above are supported in the classroom. We encourage them to ask questions, observe, and follow their mentor to understand how they are using many different avenues to bring our program statement to life.

We care for children of ages 3mo to 6 years, our programs include care for;

Infants 3-18 months

Toddlers 18-30 months

Preschoolers 31-44 months

Junior and Senior Kindergarten 44 -6 years

Please also be aware that our centre has extensive emergency management policies and procedures. If there were to be an emergency situation that the children were evacuated from our building, our emergency shelter is across the street at Olive Grove School. In the event of such a situation a banner will be placed on our website and parents will be called for immediate pick up once we have settled at the emergency shelter.