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Mission and values


The CPE du Y is proud to offer a quality early childhood educational and recreational program.  Through our educational activities children develop learning skills and achieve their highest capacities. A positive self-image is enhanced and reinforced through a comprehensive range of activities.

The main goal of the CPE is to meet the needs of its ultimate user: The Child.

In the CPE, the child will ultimately develop a very close and caring relationship with her/his educators and peers in a safe and secure environment.

Our pedagogical approach is based on the development/encouragement of interactive abilities such as sharing and communication with educators.  The aim is to develop an open and flexible relationship, which allows for the development of conversational interchange:  "You talk, I listen.  I talk, you listen."

Our educational program is essentially oriented towards motivating and helping children reach their full potential.  Early childhood is an important stage in a child’s development. As such, our goal is to provide them with excellent care in a safe, healthy, comfortable and caring environment that is child-oriented and developmentally appropriate.  In addition, we encourage the acceptance and appreciation of the many differences and similarities amongst and between children. The educators encourage the child to express her/himself and direct her/his participation in appropriate activities of her/his choice; the goal being the development of relationships involving mutual respect.


Autonomy – The development of self-confidence and self-control can help the child achieve autonomy.

Freedom – Freedom to determine their own actions and to have natural consequences that follow. 

Self-esteem - a favorable impression of oneself - respect for self and for others.  

Creativity - Freedom of expression, imagination, curiosity and critical sense. 

Respect - The special esteem or honor in which one holds another person or thing and to show them consideration and regard.   Respect for self, others and the environment.