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About Us & Our Philosophy

The qualified and professional staff of JN Software Consulting Ltd. will offer your child the opportunity . . .



  1. to be and feel secure, safe and happy in an atmosphere especially created to help a child develop to his/her full potential;
  2. to play and learn with other children who are at the same developmental age;
  3. to participate in a balanced programme covering the areas of intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth;
  4. to experience activities which are at times structured to provide for guidance and are at times unstructured to allow for free individual expression;
  5. to develop a positive self-image through appropriate and challenging experiences specifically geared toward success;
  6. to learn self-discipline and good work habits for future school years; and
  7. to develop independence through encouragement and opportunity, to learn appropriate maturity level skills.



A stimulating and creative Junior and Senior Kindergarten programme will help prepare your preschoolers for the elementary school years.


All programmes are designed to provide a healthy balance between guided learning time and self-discovery



Each programme is specifically tailored to each developmental age group. A varied curriculum including special monthly themes and events, cooking and baking days, music, science, off premise trips and outdoor play allow children to explore and appreciate their creative abilities


JN Software Consulting provides a stimulating and friendly atmosphere, embracing all cultures in our diverse society.


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