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Snacks and Meals

Snack AM


Snack PM


Trail Mix and milk

Macaroni & Cheese, Raw vegetables pieces, Unsweetened applesauce
OR Canned Fruit, Milk

Breadsticks with tatziki sauce
or cheese spread
and juice


English Muffin with cheese spread and juice

Shepherd's Pie OR Beef or Vegetable Patties, Cooked Vegetables, Raw Vegetable Pieces, Unsweetened Canned Fruit, Milk

Popper Mini Muffins/Muffin Loaf with milk or juice


Graham crackers with unsweetened applebutter and juice

Baked Beans with Diced Weiners
Whole Wheat Bread, Raw Vegetable Pieces, Yogurt with Unsweetened Canned Fruit, Milk

Ritz Crackers with Salsa or Ranch Dip and juice


Raisin bread with margarine and milk

Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Pineapple Rice, Cooked Vegetables
Raw Vegetable Pieces, Jello made with fruit, Milk

Nutritious cookies with seasonal fruit and juice


Assorted cereals with milk

Perogies stuffed with Cheddar Cheese and Potato with Sour Cream and Onion Sauce, Cooked Vegetables, Raw Vegetable Pieces, Fig Newton Cookies or Fig Newton Date Cookies, Milk

Cheese and fresh vegetables with flavoured dip and juice