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Admission priority

Here are the order of priority for determining a child's admission to Panda Daycare, where you can register at La Place 0-5 ( ) :

  1. Child whose parent is an employee or a student of Bishop's University and already has a children at CPE Panda*;

  2. Child whose parent is an employee or a student of Bishop's University*;

  3. Child whose parent already has a children at CPE Panda;

  4. Child whose parent is an employee of Panda Daycare;

  5. Child whose parent is a former member of Panda Daycare;

  6. Child whose parent does not correspond to any of the above categories.


*A maximum of 50 places are offered for the Bishop's University priority. In addition, note that Champlain College employees and students do not benefit from this priority.

Moreover, anyone registered in a course at the University for the unique purpose of benefiting from this priority will immediately be excluded from the wainting list. 

You can expect a minimum wait period of a year and a half before getting a spot at Panda Daycare.